Island dreaming

On an already hot and sweaty morning me and my giant backpack ( Mochi🙃) were found ourselves walking towards the ADO station in Tulum, off to new adventures. I wanted to explore the islands of Quintana Roo, and find some of that pristine turquoise Caribbean sea.
The first stop was Cozumel, a paradise for divers.

I have to say when I got off the ferry I was a little bit shocked, a promenade of Cartier, Victoria’s Secret and Starbucks wasn’t the welcome I expected… Cozumel is also a cruise ship port, hence the luxury brands and restaurant chains to make people feel more home when they step off the boat…

Never mind, I was walking towards my hostel and the scenery slowly changed to “normal”, little eateries , shops and so on. I didn’t stay long here, just a couple nights, it was enough to snorkel a little, enjoy the free sunbeds and umbrellas in Playa Azul, swim and chill.
I think Cozumel is a great destination for divers, but if you don’t dive, the beaches are quiet far from the centre and let’s just say it’s not the best for backpackers budget.

But I enjoyed my few days here , stayed at a beautiful hostel with a lovely garden and as it always happens, I met some nice people there who gave me suggestions on further travels after the islands. Spending more and more time in the Yucatan peninsula I realised I want to change my original plans and travel further in the mainland and explore more of this beautiful and diverse country.

But before that I was heading to Holbox. And there, I found the paradise I was looking for. I think I’ve never been to such a beautiful place (in the seaside category).

Holbox is the perfect place to connect with nature if you up for leaving some stuff behind.
I decided to stay in a camping with no wifi ( and even when I was in town I purposefully didn’t go online) and the digital detox was just the first step to recharge my batteries, and finally feel better.
The campsite I stayed at was great (Balam Eco Camping) literally minutes away from the beach, untouched, unbuilt and beautiful.

I can very well enjoy the beach without bars, beds, and restaurants, but I know it’s not for everyone…If you need a bit more civilisation, Holbox has that near the “town” ( about 15 min away from where I stayed)
But I had my little private bay with palm trees providing shade , my book, my picnic with fresh fruit from the market. I was truly happy and relaxed. Barely saw any other people, but I was in very much need of some solitude.

Holbox has a lot to offer, you can walk to Punta Mosquito to see the flamingos, you can see bioluminescence, and I was there in whale shark season so I decided to go on a tour, which left me with mixed feelings. Although the boats and tour guides have more respect towards the animals than I experienced in other places, but still… I love animals and to observe them by chance ( like a flock of flamingos flying by in El Cuyo ) is always seem better , even if I miss out on the big “attraction”.

For me watching the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen every day , swim, read, walk and practice yoga with the sunrise was perfect.
Holbox, you might see me again….



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