• Liz is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had.
    Every class was planned to perfection with in depth spiritual development as well as physically challenging poses. I have learned so much about myself through yoga with Liz. She is a caring kind person who really believes in her practice as I do. She is knowledgeable in the history of yoga and includes quirky meditations and stories which I love. No two classes are the same. Her classes grounded me and made me feel ready for the week ahead. I am forever grateful for the life lessons I have learned through meeting Liz. Peace and love, Tara ❤️🙏🏼
  • I have found the yoga class very beneficial since attending, I have found Liz Szalai very supportive and patient when executing movements especially those that are slightly trickier.
    I hope to continue attending the class as long as I can. / Elaine Roberts/
  • Yoga, and in particular Liz’s classes has transformed my life in so many ways. It has taught me to simply continue to breathe during difficult times, helping me stay present to situations. To remain calm interiorly amongst any exterior storm. Liz creates a safe and welcome space in which to practice with no pressure placed upon achieving the perfect pose but instead teaching that our bodies are perfect exactly the way they are and that not being able to do a handstand or a crow straight away does not mean we are any less of a strong yogi. Most importantly the classes are so well thought out with the perfect balance between poses and spiritual reflection that is has taught me to be kinder and more compassionate to myself. Liz has really created a community which emphasis on catering each practice to EVERY persons needs. /Stephanie Rocha/
  • I have been to the yoga classes and I love Liz’s way of teaching. The exercises are not hard but hard enough to feel them the day after.
    I am sitting all day at my job place and after the class I always felt more “flexible”, very good feeling! I’ll definitely go back!  /Valentina Sangion/
  • I had the pleasure taking two private yoga classes with Liz. I have been practicing yoga since I was in my twenties, and have been studying consistently with a teacher in Vancouver for three. In two classes I learned a great deal to change up my practice and challenge myself.
    Liz has a gentle presence and a keen eye for alignment. She tailored my two classes and was able to build upon the first. She kept the class fun, light-hearted as well as scaled for my abilities. I only wish I could have taken another class before I left town.

    Namaste Liz for your time, skills and heart. Thanks 😊 /Sheri Patterson/


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